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Reginald James

👨🏽‍💻 I run a resource consultancy that places contractors 

📘 I wrote The Resilient Scaleup for Startup CEOs and Leaders of scaling tech companies

🎤 I host the Sprint Hard, Iterate Fast Podcast

👨🏽‍💼 I am a Lifestyle Tech Career Coach 

🏡 I'm looking to invest in property-related businesses

👩🏼‍🦰 I support women's shelters

Hire Me

I am available on a part-time or contract basis to help you with:

Agile Project Delivery

I will lead your projects using relevant agile methodologies, such as Scrum or Kanban, tailored to your specific project needs. My experience in agile project delivery will help you establish effective communication channels, foster team collaboration, and ensure transparency in project progress.

Employee Management.png

Agile Maturity Assessment

My Agile Maturity Assessment will provide a comprehensive evaluation of your team's agile maturity across six critical dimensions. Through this assessment, I identify areas of improvement and provide you with a roadmap for team and delivery enhancement, enabling you to achieve higher levels of performance and success.

Workflow Process.png

Project Process Optimisation

I analyse your current project delivery processes and identify areas for improvement. By eliminating bottlenecks, reducing waste, and optimising workflows, I can help you achieve greater efficiency, faster time-to-market, and improved quality in your deliverables.


Principal Consultant
Beaker & Flint

Led agile transformation and product innovation projects for blue-chip Australian brands such as ANZ Bank, Bendigo Adelaide Bank and World Wildlife Fund Australia. Trained hundreds of people in Agile methodologies. Coached and mentored leaders to adopt agile ways or working.

COO/Head of Project Delivery
MyWave Artificial Intelligence

Responsible for team leadership of Design, DevOps, Product Management and Project Delivery. Led end-to-end delivery of client projects on the MyWave AI platform. Manage our team through a growth phase, scaling up to a team of 60 people from 10.

Agile Project Manager

Led projects and was the primary contact for a range of customers. Managed the tender process for winning new projects. Setup new service offerings such as support and maintenance for all new products.

About Me

I’m a startup founder, writer, and podcast host. I’m determined to help scaling product businesses build the right team. I’ve worked with many different startups, three of which I co-founded, two of which scaled to employ hundreds of people.​


I’ve been obsessed with technology since my dad bought me a 2x CD burner in 1999! When I finished my undergraduate degree, I joined a technology leadership program at the leading mutual fund company Vanguard, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While in that program, I discovered I loved people, building high-performing teams, and building innovative digital products.​


I believe serendipity is life’s sweetest gift, and it led me to Australia over ten years ago. It’s why I spend most of my time introducing innovative product businesses to digital product experts. You never know what person or project will come along and change everything.​I’ve worked with Australian Bendigo Bank and built a digital product to keep Australians safe overseas.


I’ve helped a global NGO, World Wide Fund for Nature, refresh its digital product portfolio. My proudest achievement was helping a property tech scale-up to save millions by developing a new digital platform to help people love renting, owning, and managing property.​My wife and I and our daughter are collectively citizens of Australia, Canada, and The United States. We work, live, play, and invest in property across all three countries.


The Resilient Scaleup

"The Dangers of Neglecting Company Culture During Business Growth is A Warning for startup CEOs" Rapid business growth can be achieved by keeping company culture strong.


In today’s fast-paced landscape, knowing how to scale your teams is more essential than ever.


Are you a first-time scaleup CEO? Or an entrepreneur taking your business from startup to scaleup? Or have you recently received funding to expand your business?


As your company grows, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of new opportunities and increased profits. But don't let that distract you from the importance of maintaining a strong company culture. Neglecting your company's culture can have serious consequences. it can lead to high employee turnover, decreased productivity, damaged reputation, and can destruct your business.


But like many scaleup CEOs, you might try to preserve your startup culture by codifying values and behaviors. If you do, you'll sacrifice speed to market, stifle innovation, and move so slowly that your competitors will outpace you. The strategies of intuition-based culture building, network-based hiring for your initial team, and enlisting a dependable recruiter to assist in team growth may no longer be effective.Revolutionize the way you scale your business and learn to evolve your culture with The Resilient Scaleup:


  • Learn the untold scaleup secrets for stacking your business with talent at the top of their game.

  • Uncover the hidden tactics of the ruthless recruitment industry and learn which recruiters to avoid.

  • Utilize techniques for building and retaining a strong company culture while onboarding new employees

  • Master exclusive strategies for improving talent acquisition over the long term.

  • Techniques for converting employees into enthusiastic supporters of the company​

Your company culture is a key component of your brand and reputation. Maintaining a cohesive company culture can be difficult when expanding from a single-country, local business to a global organization. However, If you manage the growth well, your company culture can emerge better and support your scaleup journey.


Take control of your company culture and set yourself up for success - Order your copy today





"Next time someone gushes over their plans for world domination, I know where to send them"

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